All art work within is property of 3C Institute
Picky Beaks
Picky beaks is a target shooting game, without the targeting and shooting. A reskin of a previously produced minigame in 3C Institute's lineup, it seeks to create the same focus as a target shooting game without even implied violence. Feeding the birds their corresponding seeds increases your score, feeding them the wrong seed reduces it. We went for a score based system with no limit to mistakes to further distance the game from any sense of violence.
I designed the UI to be minimal and out of the way, so that it would not interrupt or distract from the gameplay loop.
Brick'd is a rotating tetris-like. The singular focus provided by these kinds of games was in high demand, so four versions were created to allow as many clients as possible to fit it into their programs and interventions.
Cloud Buster
The Cloud Buster game is all about choices. A question is presented to the player, and options float by in clouds. Choosing the correct answer to 'bust' increases the user's score, and wrong answers tick down the player's health. The client running the program has the ability to write their own questions and answer options, allowing it to be used for any number of programs.
Tactics Game
This simple tactics game allows for quick replay-ability and simple turn based strategy. Four teams were placed in the corners of the board, and on your turn you could either add a unit or move your current units. Any unit next to that new or moved unit would be converted to your side. Last team standing wins.
I have highlighted in red the characters I did not create.
Some of the projects required a controllable character. Below are some of the character options running through their animation cycles. A lot of thought was put into the animations, so that we could get the maximum utility out of the minimum number of animations.
Infinite Runner
The Infinite Runner game was produced for its replay-ability and its high skill ceiling. With the exception of the tutorial level that is scrolling by below, the levels were all procedurally generated with tilesets. This also allowed for easy reskinning to allow its use by more clientele.
Some of the background foliage was the work of other employees that I adapted for this purpose.
This mini-games project is an ongoing effort at 3C Institute. I provided art, animation, and game design for these games in tandem with the games programming team, research team, and content team.
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