The artwork in this collection is a mixture of personal and professional work. I hope to show a wide variety of projects, though most of them fall under the stylized category.
Eli is the main character of a personal comics project, HandiWizard, currently in production. A halfling wizard who wants to create a better world using the little magic he has.
This lineup is made up of the Pages, the underlings in the wizard tower, and Eli's cohort.
A series of designs made for the animated shorts and intros of the RollPlay twitch channel.
This section's artwork is property of Critical Fail Productions LLC
These characters can be seen in action here:
3C Institute
These characters were created for a series of interactive children's books, teaching emotional literacy.
3D Character Design
This character was designed to stretch my 3D modeling skills. I did all the modeling, lighting and texturing of the final model.
Personal Work
The following were created for a variety of personal projects.
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