All art work within is property of 3C Institute
Meow-a-Thon is a speculative game project in development at 3C institute. A mobile first clicker game, it is a colorful and surreal voyage of a cat through time and space.
This mockup shows how the game would appear during play. The chunky pixel art style doesn't leave much room for UI elements, so many were planned to pop on and off of screen as needed, staying out of the players way. Items and collectables would drift down past the player, who would need to make the choice of slowing their ascent for the chance at a power up, or to continue spamming to reach high speed.
The player character was built of swap-able parts, which could be changed in either an character creation screen, or unlocked by play-throughs and power-ups. No microtransactions are planned for this game.
A large number of powerups and collectables keep the playthroughs interesting. With enough items, cross pollination of powerups creates unique gameplay moments that can define a playthrough.
A set of unique bosses break up the main game loop, each with unique mechanics. No health system is planned, with upward progress speed being your main goal. These bosses would be able to drag you down or stop your progress unless the player deploys appropriate countermeasures.
This long looping background sets the stage for the surreal journey the players are taken on. By creating a seamless loop you enable seamless replay-ability.
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