Personal Pixel Exploration
While the artwork in this collection is not tied to any specific project, I believe in practice, exploration, and improvement for its own sake. So I have collected some of my experiments here.
I find the world of 3d low res art fascinating. Combining pixel art with 3d models provides a new and endless frontier for innovation, while maintaining many of the constraints that make pixel art fun and accessible.
The spaceship below is a prime example of working within very small boundaries. It is part of an exploratory project where I challenged myself to make all of the assets for a small game in a single 64x64 px texture. Through clever re-use and UV mapping, I was successful. I am currently learning a bit of programming, and hope to be able to actually ship the game someday in the future.
Game level mockups are another fun avenue for exploration. They combine the usual character art with the entirely different skill of environment art. Combining those two disciplines can often reveal the weaknesses in both.
I have explored a number of stylistic approaches to character sprites, a number of which can be seen below.
Sprite size is also key to any game or pixel art media, so I decided to do an exploration of sprite sizes using a single character. from 16x16 all the way to 128x128.
Here are my latest pieces, from the DnD Monster Manual, in my own style.
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